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Become an approved LOFT-E installer and gain exclusive access to the revolutionary adjustable, metal loft leg system. Join our network of skilled professionals and offer homeowners a versatile, cost-effective solution for raising loft floors with ease.

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Take your boarding to new heights

Raise your loft floor 165mm to 285mm above the insulation with our adjustable raised loft floor support.

By utilising LOFT-E techniques, individuals can transform their attic or loft areas into functional and accessible spaces. This innovation allows homeowners to maximise their available square footage, effectively utilising an often underutilised area of the house.

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Once you have completed our LOFT-E® training program then you can place an order with LOFT-E®. It’s really simple to place an order with LOFT-E®, all you need is a trade account with us and you’re ready to go.

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    Complete our approved installer training program
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2.2 Tonnes of Compression Force from one LOFT-E® leg

Did you know that one LOFT-E® leg can withstand 2.2 Tonnes of compression force?! LOFT-E® went through intensive testing at Lancaster University, testing weight load and distribution and the results are mind blowing!

If you’d like to find out the facts and figures of just how strong our LOFT-E® leg is, please click here

LOFT-E® is fully adjustable

Alongside being the strongest raised loft storage system on the market, unlike other systems LOFT-E® is easily adjustable depending on uneven roof joists caused by constant temperature changes in your loft.

Say goodbye to using packing pieces and wedges, say hello to the LOFT-E® Adjustable Loft Leg!


LOFT-E® is made in Britain

LOFT-E® was made with the purpose to last you a lifetime, our premium loft legs are made in Britain and are made from 100% recyclable steel.

Does all of this sound good to you? Find an installer by clicking here to start your LOFT-E® loft boarding project today!

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UK Loft Boarding Ltd

LOFT-E® has transformed our loft boarding projects. The adjustable loft leg system ensures a raised and supported loft storage floor without compromising insulation. It is durable and easy to install, making our job efficient and hassle-free. We highly recommend LOFT-E® for professionals seeking exceptional loft boarding solutions.

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