Raised your loft floor 165mm to 285mm above the insulation

All new build houses today have lofts that must conform to building regulations and government recommended loft insulation heights.

The LOFT-E® adjustable loft floor support has been designed to solve two problems when planning on boarding your loft for storage.

Firstly boarding directly on top of your loft insulation is wrong. Squashing or having to remove the existing loft insulation should never be done.
Building above the insulation is now possible by using a product that is designed to last a lifetime. The LOFT-E® adjustable raised loft floor leg can not only raise the loft floor platform above the insulation level, but it can also account for variations in joist height.

Secondly, a static loft leg works fine if your loft joists are perfectly level to each other, but if they are not, you then have to start using packing pieces to get a level, which is not the best way.

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The LOFT-E® adjustable raised loft floor leg does what it says on the tin, it adjusts where as other legs have no adjustment at all. It will allow an adjustment of 120mm from a floor level of 165mm at its lowest to 285mm at it highest, based on using 90mm high timber sub-frame.
This is a simple way to create a loft storage floor above your loft insulation without squashing, compromising the insulation or interrupting the airflow in your loft space.



We have a team of factory approved installers in various parts of the UK. If you would like a FREE no obligation survey at your home then please call the number below or book online.

Choosing to have your loft floor boarded with LOFT-E® products will guarantee a quality safe strong platform and it will be fitted to the highest standards by qualified installer who have been through rigorous training to ensure your LOFT-E® floor is fitted to the factory recommend methods.

The LOFT-E® raised loft floor system is strong, stable and has been designed to last a lifetime. It can be adjusted to suit each individual loft joist to get the perfect level storage surface in your loft. Some joists, even in houses of 20 years+ can fluctuate in height between each joist. Other raised loft floor legs are not adjustable and therefore have to be packed with wedges, which is not the best and most professional way.

The LOFT-E® leg can adjust from 165mm to 285mm in height which will allow for most differences in joist heights. It is also 100% recyclable and reusable. If you move you can take it with you.
We operate a removal and refitting service at a reduced rate for our customers. (not all loft boards will be reusable, only if salvageable)

We offer a FREE no obligation home survey by qualified loft storage experts who will give you expert advice on how best to utilise your loft space, we promise that our surveyors will not pressure you into buying anything, we let you decide in your time.
We can even combine the LOFT-E® raised loft floor with top quality stowaway loft ladders, an energy saving LED light and even a energy efficient loft hatch replacements.

On completion of an installation you will receive a 10 year guarantee covering any failed parts and the labour to replace them.

We also include a 1 year after sales care package covering replacement parts, labour and any call out fees. (Subject to call out fee after first year, see terms and conditions)


Installation Service Installation Service

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We only supply and fit the best quality tried and tested loft ladders money can buy.
They are available in aluminium or timber construction, light duty or heavy duty, standard reach or extra height reach.
We have spent a lot of time sourcing the best quality for the best price, we have bulk buying power so we can pass on this discount to you.

We install over 2000 ladders a year so we know what people want and what is built to last.

Our qualified surveyors can do a FREE no obligation, no pressure home visit to see what's best suited to your loft type and available space.


Some companies may not consider changing your loft hatch to keep the cost down, but this is a false economy as you will not benefit from a fully insulated and draft sealed new one.
Reversing your old loft hatch and sticking some hinges on it is just not acceptable these days.
If your loft hatch is of a certain age, does not fold down to open or just simply need making bigger? then the best option is to have a brand new PVC purpose made loft hatch with a high energy efficiency rating fitted.
This will certainly increase your homes energy efficiency and that will save you lots on your heating bills.
No point spending money insulating your loft but neglecting the door that leads in to it. Our qualified loft surveyors will advise you on the best replacement energy saving loft hatch to suit your requirements.
We even do bespoke metal energy saving loft hatches that we can make to order exactly the size you need.

Light duty and heavy duty large wide tread timber loft ladders with a large opening access door if you want larger access area. Again these can be off the shelf and bespoke, it all depends on what is best for your loft space.
Also we can install remote control timber loft access kits which operate the door opening electronically to save having to reach up to open it manually.



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We are probably the only company in the UK that actually has their own uniquely design and build loft storage sub-frame supports that will not compromise your NHBC guarantee.
The LOFT-E® loft storage supports have be designed specifically to allow you to have built a strong and safe loft storage floor that doesn't compromise the insulation or cause issues with your ceiling.
The older and still quite common method of boarding lofts are no longer recommended in newly built or older houses, especially with weak ceilings.
Boarding direct too, or slightly above means that the insulation below will have to be squashed or removed to allow timber to go down. The government recommend and building regulations state that a minimum of 270mm of insulation should be fitted to the ceiling as this is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to insulate your home. If the floor you intent to build in your loft is not high enough then you have to compromise by removing or squashing the insulation which is totally wrong.
Removing insulation will reduce your energy efficiency and this will no doubt contribute to an increase in your heating bills.
Squashing it will stop air flow inside the insulation and when this gets moist with the rapid temperature changes, the air flow in your loft will never completely dry out the trapped moisture and ultimately this will lead to bad condensation and mould growth. If this grows inside your insulation it will contaminate it and more than likely spread to your timbers and plaster boarding.

We only install 270mm PLUS high strong loft storage floors that can take several persons and the storage weight safely and retain your homes energy efficiency.

The 3 raised loft storage floors we do vary depending on the age of a property and its requirements.
Ask our surveyor to show you LOFT-E® the heavy duty version with adjustable metal legs or the LoftZone® tri-supporting cross beam system or the LBNW® 4x2 timber constructed raised sub-frame ideal for older house with weaker ceilings.


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